Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

I woke up this morning to find...snow!!! I was ecstatic. It has taken me moving away from Utah to a place where freezing temperatures warrants warning signs and extreme measures taken, to appreciate snow. I never thought I would say that since I was one of the people growing up in Utah who hated the long winter months and suffered from seasonal depression every January through March, but I miss the snow! I now have come to appreciate all the seasons and welcome most of the changes they bring. I have figured out that getting in the festive Christmas spirit is a lot harder when temperatures are 65 degrees (even though the weather in Nov. was amazing). I want snow!! I want to sit by a fire and drink Stephen's hot cocoa. I want to take a nap in the glow of my Christmas tree lights and know that it is cold and dark outside. I want to take Aiden sledding and play in the snow. How happy the brief snow flurry in Bedford, TX has made me. I just pray that when I get to Utah in 2 weeks, I get some snow!