Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aiden's mayhem

I was looking through my pictures and noticed that I have a lot of pictures of the messes Aiden makes. He is into everything and it is hard to keep him safe/occupied/holding still. Here are some pictures of what he has been up to. In the third picture he is holding the dvd player he broke. I still love him though.

Girls Night!

Last Friday night Abby, Chelsea and I decided to have a girls night. Abby said she had a surprise for us and we met at her house not knowing what we were doing. Chelsea and I both were trying to guess where we were going, but we were way off. She took us to get pedicures for our birthdays! I love pedicures. Chelsea had never had one, so it was pretty exciting.

After our pampering, we came back to my house and had chocolate fondue and watched a movie. Overall it was an amazing night. We all kept saying how happy and content we were. Thanks girls for a great night!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's raining it's pouring

It literally is pouring buckets of rain here today. I took Trent to work this morning and when I got back it was raining so hard I sat in the car for ten minutes to see if it would slow down. It never did so Aiden and I got soaked anyway. The thunder is so loud here that it sets our car alarm off almost everytime. Texas has some awesome thunder storms.

Last night I was coaching a private lesson when we were all stopped and told we needed to move to the locker room. The tornado sirens were going off and the tornado was touching down in a couple places around us. It was a new experience for me, so of course we took pictures in the rain when we got home.