Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby Mac

I can't believe this, but my little sister is now a Mom!! This is the weirdest concept, but it's true. Lori and Ryan are proud parents to MacKay Ryan Beckstrom who was born on July 14th and the coolest part was that I was in Utah when he was born. That hasn't happened for awhile. Here are some pictures of us visiting the hospital. I love baby Mac and I'm so happy for Lori and Ryan!!

Sienna's first birthday!!

Sienna is one year old!!! I can't believe how fast her first year of life went! I was so excited to have her birthday party in Utah where we could have all our family there. It was a big party! We went to Nelson Grove park for a polka dot party. I made a banner and pink lemonade cupcakes. We opened presents, played games and loved hanging out with everyone. It was so fun.

Sienna is such a funny little girl. She is very stubborn and knows what she wants. She says a few words very well, like thank you and mama, but communicates by nodding yes or no for everything. She doesn't like vegetables, but she loves cheese, yogurt and apples. She loves her treats, especially suckers. She is a very good sleeper, taking two naps a day and going to bed at 8. She is a mama's girl and also loves her brother. When Aiden isn't around, she gets very lonely. She loves books and being silly with Aiden. She loves music and dancing. She loves shoes and dressing up and getting her hair done. She also doesn't mind getting dirty, unlike her brother. It has been so fun to see her personality grow as she learns and develops. We love Sienna so much!!!

Wilson Crew

I love going home. I love the excitement of seeing everyone after such a long time away. I love seeing every one of my nieces and nephews and how much they have changed and grown since I saw them last. I love seeing my sisters because I miss them so much being so far away. I love seeing my parents. I love the smells and the familiarity of it all, even after a few months. There is nothing better than seeing Aiden reunite with his cousins. They are so excited to see each other.

We got to visit Utah for a few weeks before we were meeting up with Trent's family for a reunion in Island Park, ID. It was such a great time. We had play dates, went swimming, went out to eat, hiked to Stewart Falls, met our new nephew MacKay, had a wedding shower for my cousin, got my hair done by the best beautician ever (Amy. NO one can color my hair like she can), went to Seven Peaks, watched baseball games and had Sienna's first birthday party. As usual, it was a lot of things packed in to a short amount of time, but it was so great. I love being home.