Saturday, September 27, 2008

Harry Walter Startup

On my last visit home, my grandpa got sick and was admitted to the hospital. He was there for a few days while they ran tests to figure out what was wrong with him. They found cancer that was in the final stages. That came as a shock to us all. I was so grateful that I was home at this time so I could spend some time with him. I got to visit him in the hospital and hang out at his house. Even though he was sick he still had a great sense of humor and was joking with us. I loved spending time with them and seeing how my Grandpa treated my Grandma. He was always so sweet to her. It was really hard for me to say goodbye knowing it would probably be the last time I saw my grandpa.

Thursday night when we got home from dinner, my sister called me to tell me that my Grandpa died. It was something we were expecting, but it happened very quickly. It is very hard for me to imagine going back home and not seeing my Grandpa. He has been such an example to me of hard work, compassion, and love. He has always shown so much love for me and my family. He and my grandma supported me at countless volleyball matches and other activities and made a point of always being there for my family.

I have so many amazing memories of helping my Grandpa at the candy factory and the candy store. He loved making candy and making people happy. He was always giving and has taught me great lessons about giving, even when he didn't have much. I loved holidays at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Our favorite was the fourth of July. All the cousins would get together and sleepover on their deck. We would do fireworks, barbeque, go to the parade and usually the stadium of fire.

I will miss my Grandpa so much. He was an amazing man, father, grandfather and husband. He has taught me so much and has left a great legacy behind. If any of you have ever eaten a sucker with a wooden stick, it was most likely from my Grandpa's store. His funeral is Friday and I am so glad because Trent and I get to go. It will be good to be with family and celebrate my Grandpa's life.

Happy Anniversary!

On Thursday Trent and I celebrated our two year anniversary. Trent came home from work and brought me roses and then we went out on the town. We are so grateful that Trent's parents are here and they were nice enough to watch Aiden for the night. We went to downtown Fort Worth, which was so cool, and ended up eating at a mexican restaurant called Cantina Laredo. It was very good and so nice to go out alone and enjoy each other. I love Trent so much and I'm so grateful for everything he does for me. I love you! Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Im baaack!!

My blog has seriously suffered for the last month. I apologize for not having any new posts for forever. I went home to Utah for three weeks and just said I would update the blog when I got home. When I returned home our internet didn't work and we finally got it fixed yesterday!!

While I was at home I had a lot of fun hanging out with family and friends. We celebrated four birthdays and I got to watch Lori play in two volleyball tournaments. I got to work out almost daily because I had people to watch Aiden for me, which was so nice. My dad, Amy, Mike, Emma, Lynzee and I went bike riding up to bridal veil falls and took a picinic. I love the mountains and the amazing weather in Utah.

I will be posting a plethora of updates so stay posted.