Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The way we live

We have been having amazing weather here. Not too hot, not too humid, just beautiful. Last Sunday Trent and Aiden sat out on our balcony and just hung out and ate peanuts. Now Aiden is obsessed with sitting out there. That is all he wants to do. You can tell he really loves sitting in his chair from how excited he is. We have been having a lot of fun lately. Last Friday we went to a Rangers game with our friends the Hickson's and a bunch of people from TWG. It was a blast. Aiden was awesome, even though it was pretty late, we even got to stay for the fireworks afterword. I LOVE fireworks. It was a great night.

Saturday I had a baby shower to go to in the morning and then we layed low for the rest of the afternoon. That night my club team was having a party so we all went and hung out with my girls. They are so fun, they were playing dress up. We ate some food and then played a couple games. I loved my team this year.

Some of my girls

Alysa and Amanda dressing up

The Ranger's game

Friday, May 1, 2009

I Heart May

May is such a great month. People might say that I love May because it is my birthday month. That fact may contribute, but I love May because it means the start of summer. It always brings back great memories, great feelings and excitement. Summer is the happiest time of my life. So I hope everyone has a great May and summer this year, I know I am excited!

Things have been pretty standard at our house. I have my last club volleyball tournament this weekend, I am pretty excited about it. Even though I love my team and it has been a very fun season, I am ready for a break and we are ready to have some nights to ourselves. I have been looking around at other apartment's to see if we can find something cheaper, but I hate moving so much, it would have to be a big difference in price to make it worth it. It is just such a hassle to try to work all that out, it makes me not even want to think about it.

Some other exciting news is that Trent and I got 24 Hour Fitness passes yesterday. We are going to cancel our cable and put that money toward our gym memberships. Time to stop being fat and lazy and get in shape! I am excited!

Here are some pictures from April, including Easter. My mom sent us the greatest Easter package EVER with See's chocolates (the next best thing since Startup's doesn't make chocolates anymore) and clothes for all of us. I didn't get too many good pictures because Aiden was super tired and I was trying to meet a deadline for dinner, but he looked so cute. I also loved my outfit, but didn't like any pictures of me.

Aiden thinking he is playing the wii

Happy Easter!