Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Break

I am finally updating!!! We spent a great holiday in Utah with family this year. It was pretty busy, but we got almost everything done that we wanted to. We went to the Nutcracker, decorated gingerbread houses, went shopping, played games, went to In n Out and had our traditional Christmas Eve Chinese food, which was delicious. We loved being with family and having Aiden play with all his cousins (even though some of them are almost bald from all of his hair pulling). Thanks to my parents who did so much for us and to all our family for a great holiday!

Trent and Jana
Kailey, Tyler and Aiden

My dad's unbelievable excitement to see the Nutcracker

Excited about Chinese Food
The kids on Christmas Eve
Our Christmas Feast! Sooo Good!
Trent getting his ipod