Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Erica's Visit

Erica came to visit us last weekend before she went to Germany for TEN months to play volleyball. It was so fun to have her here. I didn't want her to leave. When she got here on Friday night, we watched the olympics and ate pizza. Saturday we went to the Hickson's house and played volleyball and swam. I made huge strides in my swimming skills....I actually dove without plugging my nose. I was probably the most proud of my achievements. We came home, unclogged the sink and got ready to go out for a girls night. We went to Southlake, went shopping and ate dinner at Brio. Erica's dinner was amazing (I should have listened because my choices weren't so great). It was so good to talk to her and catch up, I really miss her. We got some gelato for dessert and reminisced about our travels to Europe and the amazing gelato there. Sunday we had stake conference and watched more olympics. Monday we watched Olympics, went to lunch and went shopping before I dropped Erica off at the airport. It was a really fun weekend and I'm so glad that she came to visit us before she went away forever. I love you Erica!! Have fun in Germany!!

Potato Skins clog the sink

I learned my lesson. I'm pretty sure that my mom told me that you shouldn't put potato skins down the sink, but I didn't really think they would. They definitely clogged the sink, so Trent had to unscrew all the plumbing under the sink and pull dirty potato peels out of the pipes. I'm glad he is so handy. He wasn't that happy about it, if you can't tell from the pictures. I fully admit that it was my fault, lesson learned.

So big!!

Aiden is so funny. Everyday we play and laugh and he is getting so big. He has just started scooting on his tummy. I think he is pretty close to crawling, he just has to use his hands instead of his elbows. He plays peek-a-boo with us now, he thinks that's a fun game. The funniest thing is when he sneezes and laughs at himself. His personality is really coming through. He makes me so happy!

Rangers vs. Yankees

We went to watch the Rangers play the Yankees a couple of weeks ago. It was our first baseball game together, so we were really excited. Our seats were in the nosebleeds, but it was nice because we weren't by too many people. It was sooo HOT! We were all sweating and Aiden was so hot. His face always turns really red if he is hot. Aiden started to get fussy because we were keeping him up past his bedtime. At 10:00 the Rangers were up, so we figured we could leave and we wouldn't miss much. We started walking to the car and got lost, of course. We were so hot, Aiden was fussing, and my shoes were giving me blisters. We were pretty frustrated. We walked back to the stadium and I waited while Trent found the car, so nice of him. When we got back to our apt we found out that in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Yankees had come back and the Rangers hit a grand slam to win the game. Of course we missed it. Oh well, we still had a good time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Favorite pictures

I was looking at some pictures I had before we moved and can't believe we have been here almost 2 months! These are just some of my favorite pictures before we moved and a few randoms from Texas.

Aiden already loves volleyball. We are training him for the Olympics 2024.

Andrea and Parker at Magelby's Fresh.

Amy and Lynzee
Trent and Dad trying to make all our stuff fit in the truck. This picture is amazing because dad is actually smiling!
Amy and Aiden in our old apt.