Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wow this post is way overdue. I have been waiting to get pictures from my dad because I didn't take very many with our camera, so I will post with the pictures I have. We had SO much fun in California with my family! Here is the break down by day of what happened.

I flew in Sunday night by myself because Trent had to get in as much work as possible. He came on Tuesday night. Monday was a pretty chill day we didn't get too crazy. The girls went to Sam's club to stock up on food, while the kids and guys played basketball, golf and checked out the place. That afternoon we went and saw the tide pools at Crystal Cove beach, ate at Baja Fresh for dinner and had a big family FHE on tithing. After that we had a combined late birthday party for Tanner and Aiden. It is always hectic with 24 people in one room, but I loved the chaos.

Tuesday we headed to Huntington Beach and ate lunch at Ruby's on the pier. Their parmesan/blue cheese fries are amazing. It was pretty chilly that day so some braved the wind and even got in the water (Steve) after lunch. Some of us were hitting up the sidewalk sales at Hurley and Jack's. Amazingly, I didn't even buy anything, which was very impressive. That night we had a big barbeque for dinner with Moroni Turkey, salad, rolls, and rice. We had a low key night and watched our favorite shows with Biggest Loser on in one room and American Idol on in the other. I was getting good exercise running back and forth, but I think B.L. is my favorite show.

Wednesday was our first Disneyland day, we were so excited! We got there pretty early and the lines weren't too bad. I think our first ride was space mountain and the younger kids weren't so sure about it. They said it was scary and it went really fast. All the adults were assigned a "buddy" so we could keep track of the younger kids. Carter was my buddy and this system worked really well because if he wasn't by me, I would yell out "buddy" and he would come running and hold my hand. He is the cutest. We had a great day going on tons of rides. After we went on splash mountain and got soaked, it started getting cold and windy, of course. We had planned on staying to watch fireworks that night, but some of the little kids and the grown ups had had it. Trent, me, Amy, Mike, Mom and the little ones bailed early and let all the big kids stay late. We went to Panera Bread and got soup and sandwiches and hung out at the hotel. It was a great day.

Thursday we went to California Adventure, and thank goodness it was a little bit warmer for us. We went to Playhouse Disney first, but Aiden could have cared less, so I wish I would have gone on something else. We hit up the Tower of Terror, Soaring over California, and the roller coaster. Lori and Ryan had to leave early for her friends wedding so we had to say goodbye to them. They left too soon. After they left we waited in line for 45 minutes for the new Toy Story ride. That was the longest we had waited, but the ride proved to be pretty fun. We went on some of the younger kids rides until the Park closed and then went back over to Disneyland. We fast passed Thunder Mountain and went on star tours and space mountain. We stayed as long as possible and had a great day.

Friday was a low key day. We woke up late, ate breakfast and went to the pool. It wasn't super warm, but I think we all got a little sun. For lunch we went to the Crab cooker, a great seafood place. I got a shrimp cocktail and crab cakes. I LOVE seafood. After lunch we went and got some See's candy and headed back to the hotel. We just hung out until we made Tostada's for dinner and Lexi came to see us! I was so excited to see her and her cute belly. Lexi and I went shopping for a bit and then came back and we had a game night. It was so fun. We played the celebrity game, the brown paper bag game and did some rubber band races. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures. It was such a fun night. I was so glad Casey and Lexi came and hung out with us. We love you guys!

Saturday was a sad day because our vacation was over. The VanBuren's, my parents, and Trent and I all left. We actually flew out of the Burbank airport on Sunday, which was closer to Trent's parents house. We had my parents drop us off at the Sorensen's so we could stay with them for a day. It was sad to have our vacation be over, I had looked forward to it for so long, but it was so great to have my whole family together. I miss them and love them so much. It will be a great memory for all of us. A big thank you to my parents for making it all happen, you are the best.

We got to the Sorensen's, after traffic, at about six. They had a great meal ready for dinner and Todd and Jessica came over and hung out. Amy and Jason were in Pdale for their spring break so they came over after dinner and we had a game night. It was a lot of fun and good to see everyone.

Sunday we got up and had banana waffles, delicious, and then went to sacrament meeting. Our flight left at three so we had to come home and pack pretty quick. Amy and Jason came over one more time so Aiden and Emi could see each other. She is so cute, we tried to get them to kiss, but they weren't having it. Vacations with them will be so fun in the future. It was a short visit to the Sorensen's, but it was so great to see them.

Aiden and Lynzee

Mom and Dad squinting in the sun

Trent with his buddy Brevin, Hunter, and Aiden

Hunter and Parker
Andrea and Taylor
Lori and Ryan

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One year check up

Today was actually almost Aiden's 13 month check up because I slept through his previous Dr's apt. The nurses and Dr were amazed to see how much Aiden had grown, they measured him twice just to be sure. He weighed 22 lbs (50th %) was 32 inches tall (95th %) and has a pretty average sized head. The hardest part was trying to get him to hold still for one second, this kid never sits still.

As you can tell from the above picture, Aiden is becoming a little bit of a challenge. He pulls hair, bites, and throws fits already. Despite all of this, he usually is a very happy kid who makes me laugh all the time. He is walking more steadily now and getting into everything! He still doesn't say mama, which I think he is doing on purpose. Everyday his personality gets stronger and he loves to play and wrestle and have fun. He especially loves his dad and gets sad when Trent goes to work. Aiden is the best.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Big One

Aiden is one year old!! Crazy to believe. He just took about four steps on his own, so I think he will be walking sometime soon. We had a little party for him on Sunday with a sports theme. I made cupcakes and we had some of our friends over. Aiden didn't really dive into his cake like I had hoped, but he would rather have me feed him anyway. He is spoiled like that. He got some new blocks and a fun bathtub basketball toy from our friends.

Yesterday was his real birthday. We had a fun day going to the park, eating more cupcakes, and when Trent got off work we went to Babies R us to look for a new carseat and some toys. We ended up getting him a leapfrog learning table which I think he will love. We got to eat out last night at Chipotle so it was a night off for me as well. I love nights off! Aiden makes us so happy. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. He has the best personality and sense of humor. We love him so much!

Okay so the basketballs look like spiders, but I did try. I didn't have the right equipment.