Thursday, June 17, 2010

More travels

I got to visit Utah for a couple of weeks at the end of May. It was so great to see friends and family and spend some quality time with them. I got there on the 19th and we had our annual ELK reunion the 20 & 21st. My family watched Aiden so I could get in some quality girl time. Friday we went and got pedicures and then made a fantastic dinner of bleu cheeseburgers and homemade rosemary Parmesan potato chips. Pretty awesome. We stayed up talking, reminiscing and laughing until early in the morning. I realized how much I miss and love my friends. It is such an amazing bond that we have and I truly cherish and am grateful for our amazing friendships.

Saturday morning we got massages. One of my favorite things in the world. The rest of the day we went to the Gateway and shopped and then had Thai food for dinner. One of our favorite discoveries was the Sweet toothfairy bakery. They have some amazing treats. I think I stopped there 4 times while in Utah. I love my ELK girls, I'm sad Kristin didn't get to come this year. We missed you! I don't have any pictures, but it was a great weekend. Can't wait til next year!

We celebrated Amy's, Emma's and my birthday while we were there, that meant we got some amazing food. I got to see old friends, hang out with Erica, Lauren, Taylor and all of our family. One of the best things that happened was a surprise from Trent. I was getting my hair done in the basement and Ryan came down the stairs followed by another person. Out of my peripheral, I couldn't tell who it was, until I turned and looked. Trent had totally surprised me and flew out to hang out for the week. It was so great to have him there. We went on bike rides almost everyday, played lots of beach(Trent) and ate great food. I am so glad I could be home for my birthday. My mom and dad spoiled me with my favorite meal of all time...Chicken fajitas and homemade strawberry ice cream. It truly was a feast. I am so happy we get to go back in a week one more time before our baby girl comes.

Pot Roast Recipe?

To all you fantastic cooks out there, I need some help. Trent's favorite meal is roast with mashed potatoes, carrots and homemade rolls. I have made this before, but haven't found any recipes that I absolutely love. If any of you have awesome recipes for any of these things please help me out with a recipe. Thanks!!

Hey, What Happened?

I know it has been! Like I told Lori last night, I have been busy. I apologize right now for my lack of pictures. I need to start taking my camera everywhere I go. I don't have very many pictures to go with these stories, but here they are. A lot has been happening lately, I will give a little run down. I started traveling at the beginning of May and it seems like I didn't stop until a week ago. I went to the Ellen mother's day show in California on May 8th and stayed at Lexi and Casey's house. It was amazing, we got some sweet stuff like a stroller, diaper bag, and 6 months supply of diapers just to name a few. Thanks to Lex who pretty much made that whole thing happen.

Next it was back Texas with Casey, Lexi and Cash. The club Trent and I work for had Casey and his partner, Kevin, to come out to give a beach clinic and of course I worked it out so Lexi could come too! We stayed in Bedford for the weekend, then headed to Austin on Sunday. We got to spend some quality time with Johnny Brown and his family, who of course showed us a good time. There were lots of games played (including a dangerous game of Risk which almost caused Trent and I to get a divorce) and a good 5 lbs worth of food eaten. That really happened. We went to 2 barbeque joints, the latter had the most amazing barbeque sauce I have ever had. Then we went to a burger place called Mighty Fine. It was so amazing, the best burger and milkshake I have ever had. We had a great time in Austin.

We left to come back on Tuesday morning because Casey and Lexi had a flight to catch around 3. On the way home our car was overheating, so we didn't use the a/c. Needless to say it was pretty miserable and hot. Lexi and I had the most beautiful windblown hair from driving on the freeway with our windows down. Finally we stopped in Waco (half way home) and discovered that we had a crack in our radiator and had to get it fixed. We had quite the dilemma to see what Casey and Lexi could do, but eventually they changed their flights and we waited out the car repair at an unsuspecting mexican restaurant down the street. Casey and Lexi stayed with us another week. It was so much fun having them here. Lexi and I worked out, cooked, shopped and hung out all week and Trent and Casey coached, played and worked out together. It was great. With the exception of Aiden beating Cash up every chance he could, the week couldn't have been better and we loved having them here.

Baby Cash
Everyone hanging at Johnny's house
Cash hating his bath with Aiden
Happy boys at Costco