Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A big gap!

Since I'm trying to finally update this thing, I was looking through all my pictures and I literally had none on my camera from August to November. Thank goodness for iphones! These are a few of my favorites. I will give a quick rundown of what happened in each month. I think that's a nice wake up call to take more pictures!!

We had a blast hanging out with our friends Caitlin and Hugh before they moved to Utah. We miss them! We spent our days swimming, napping, reading, playing, fighting dragons, visiting the zoo, coaching and going to baseball games, among other things. We had our 5 year wedding anniversary September 25!! I cannot believe it has been 5 years! We got to go to dinner and walk around Grapevine. It was a beautiful night and so romantic! I love my husband!!

Aiden got to play soccer and blast ball. He loved having his own schedule and activities to look forward to. I think that soccer for 3 year old's is purely for the entertainment of the parents. I laughed every game. So funny. Blastball was a great intro to baseball. He loved when its was his turn to bat. I can't believe I don't have any pictures of when my Mom, Lori and Mackay came to visit. They came in September and we had a blast!! We did a lot of shopping, eating, visiting and went to Canton where we got some great deals. I am still working on the projects I got from that trip. Mom and Lori-Don't think I didn't love your visit because I didn't take pictures. Forgive me? I love you!!

We had a blast going to our favorite pumpkin patch in October. We had a trunk or treat with our ward and also went to a carnival on Halloween. We were all superhero's for Halloween. Trent was Batman, I was Catwoman, Aiden was Spiderman and Sienna was Supergirl. We had a really fun Halloween. I made pumpkin pasta and then we got all dressed up in our costumes and went to a big carnival that a neighborhood in Keller puts on every year. Sienna wasn't so sure about Trent's mask, she cried every time he had it on. Aiden loved being Spiderman, shooting webs at everyone.

We must have gotten sick from someone at the carnival because about a week later, Sienna was very sick. I thought she had ear infections or strep so I took her into the doctor where they told me she had hand foot and mouth disease. She had sores in and around her mouth. They told me adults are usually immune to it, but to be careful so that Aiden didn't get it. Two days later, Trent started getting strange spots on his hands, face and feet and he was miserable. He went to urgent care to see if they could do anything for him, but they couldn't. He somehow got a terrible case of hand foot and mouth which is rare for adults. His spots were extremely itchy and he couldn't do anything to relieve it. He had to stay home for about a week and miss club tryouts, which was a big deal. It seems like he gets a pretty serious sickness once a year, he is 3/3 in the last 3 years.

That's a gigantic overview of our entire fall, but at least it's something. Here are the pictures:

Dinner with the West's

Fighting dragons

Breakfast at Mimi's cafe
Fort Worth Zoo
My girl
Dinner with Caitlin and Hugh
The Boys

Go Rangers!

Happy Anniversary!!

This is our dream house that went on sale. I wish!
Dallas Zoo for a birthday party
First pony ride

Pumpkin Patch

Watching a high school volleyball match

Miserable baby
Trent's hands


Jenna said...

been waiting for a post for a long time :) great to read about it! I can't believe how big Sienna is - growing up! And Aiden too - such a little man! Hope to see/read more soon!

Amy S said...

Yay for you blogging again. :) I like seeing pictures of the kids. Emi talks about her sleepover with aiden all the time. :)

Annie and Caleb Pinegar said...

what did trent touch? i love seeing the updates. you inspire me!